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Welcome to the home of Karri Heights Alpacas, a picturesque 340 acre property situated between Denmark and Albany on the south coast of Western Australia.

The farm is named after the magnificent tall karri trees which occur throughout the property. Lush green pastures on high winter ground and low summer flats provide an excellent environment for broadacre farming of alpacas, supporting our current commercial herd of approximately 150 head.

We are committed to breeding the world's best blue black Suri Alpaca for their exquisite luxurious silken fleece, sometimes referred to as "the Fibre of the Gods".

Stud manager Lorraine Naylor has completed Marty McGee Bennett's (acclaimed "alpaca wisperer" from the USA) advanced alpaca and llama training and handling course. Lorraine's management philosophy is "once you know how an alpaca thinks you can work with them much easier with less stress both for them and yourself". Karri Heights Alpacas is part of the SRS scientific breeding program, enabling them to identify their best breeders and stud males and so increase herd quality in the shortest time possible.

We have animals for sale, we offer alpaca agistment, and produce yarn and beautiful handmade knitted and crocheted garments from our prized fleeces. Enquiries for breeding females and males, stud matings, farming practice information, agistment or value added products are most welcome.

49 Livingstone Road, Youngs Siding, Western Australia 6330
Mobile 0438 412 691