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Karri Heights Estate began in 2001 with approximately 100 grass fed free range Black Angus cattle.

In 2002 the alpaca journey started with Lorraine falling for two huge black eyes belonging to a 14 day old female cria! However, a 14 day old baby alpaca comes with a mother - who had just been mated. That makes three alpacas!

The herd count in 2014 was approximately 150. After line breeding a white Suri alpaca herd, we branched into coloured alpacas along the way.

These days we are concentrating on black - and that's blue black! Blue Black alpaca is the blackest natural fibre on the planet. The blue black gene is very hard to get but the rewards are well worth the effort. We chose the suri type alpaca instead of the hucaya type. Suri alpacas have long silken type dreadlock fleece - just exquisite blowing in the wind.

Today, Karri Heights is striving for a golden bale (70 kilograms) of fine dense lustrous blue black silken fleece. The Blue Black golden bale will be offered to designers who will process the raw fleece into beautifully draped exquisite high fashion garments.

Because alpacas are quite new to Australia, Karri Heights has over the last several years supported 35 Murdock University vetinary students on farm practical courses. Students learn the alpaca husbandary, care and maintenance, breeding management and handling techniques Lorraine learnt from an Alpaca wisperer from the USA. Hopefully now your vet will have some knowledge and hands on experience when dealing with your sick alpaca.

Breeding for excellence, along the way Karri Heights has bred many West Australian show champions, won several national show ribbons and we are very proud of our five "World Alpaca Fleece Show" ribbons. In 2009 Karri Heights was pleased to receive it's most prized ribbon to date - "2009 World Fleece Reserve Champion Black Suri Male Fleece" at a show held in Oregan, USA.